Who We Are

My team has been the in the wedding industry for over 20+ years! We are like a family and have facilitated several hundred wedding receptions. Our experience in the industry has definitely shaped the way we work, but perhaps what sets us apart even more is the individual attention and detail we commit in preparation of each event.

Our goal is to create a stress free environment for you, your family, and your guests and we do everything possible to make sure that happens. Many aspects go into the details of consults, communication, ordering, set up, and take down. This is what we love to do and want to do.

My team and I truly love the wedding process and we want to be part of your journey and part of creating memories. We grow to love and care about the couples we work with and it brings us so much joy to see them walk down the aisle and become one. Tears still fill my eyes, even today!

We know we have done our job when we see a smile on their faces. We direct our passion and experience to make sure we achieve that. When you book your wedding with The Waters Edge, my team and I will do everything possible to make sure we met and exceed your expectations.

Warm regards,